Artificial Intelligence Research attempts to understand intelligent behaviour in a constructive way by building computational models of observing and learning, problem solving and decision making, planning and acting, natural language understanding and so on. My own research amounts to walking through some parts of AIR, namely those touching advanced forms of problem solving. This includes topics such as constraint satisfaction, explanation generation, preference modeling, and reasoning with and about preferences. The insights gained through these studies not only allowed me to build intelligent software systems for tasks such as configuration and scheduling, but also helped me to better understand processes and mechanisms in the social world around me.

‍NAME:  Ulrich ‍Junker

‍BIRTHDAY:  May ‍13th, ‍1963


  • ‍◆Abitur ‍in ‍1982
  • ‍◆MSc. ‍in ‍Computer ‍Science, ‍1988
  • ‍◆PhD. ‍in ‍Computer ‍Science, ‍1992





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‍AAAI ‍2004

‍Outer ‍Branching

‍MOPGP ‍2006

‍Open ‍World ‍Preferences

‍ADT ‍2009

‍Preference ‍Reversal

‍LNCS ‍9060


  • ‍◆AAAI ‍2018
  • ‍◆M-PREF ‍2018
  • ‍◆IJCAI-ECAI ‍2018
  • ‍◆IJCAI ‍2019


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